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We’re so happy you're here + would love to tell you a bit more about Flower Girl Designs.

Based in stunning Central Florida and serving areas beyond

every piece we craft reflects our unique blend of personality and creativity.

Our journey in the world of floristry sprouted from our profound love and passion for crafting nature’s beauty around heartfelt moments. With every stem and petal, we bring an intentional personal touch, crafting floral arrangements that resonate with your story and style. 

I'm Sarah, more than just a florist.

Not only am I the heartbeat behind Flower Girl Designs, but I’m also a loving wife and mom of three incredible kids who brighten my every day.  You know, floristry feels like it’s in my DNA.  I owe my floral roots to the amazing women before me – both my mom and grandmother were standout florists in Western New York.  Growing up amidst petals and bouquets, my love for flowers was kindled from a very young age. 

How did Flower Girl Designs become my business name?  Well lets go back 30 or so years, as a business owner my mother was endearingly termed “The Flower Lady” and when I delivered alongside her as a young girl the folks would smile and say “you’ve brought the Flower Girl!” It’s as if even back then, the universe was dropping hints about the Future of Flower Girl Designs!

The real magic started nearly a decade ago.  Having spent many years crafting floral designs for community events and personal occasions all while teaching middle school I decided it was time to follow my heart.  I always wanted to be in the family business, but they were in New York and I was in Florida!  So I braved the change and decided to embrace a dream deeply rooted in family heritage: crafting my very own floral design business. It was in this moment that Flower Girl Designs was rooted in Central Florida. 

Whether you are here for the first time or the hundredth time, know that every bloom, every design, every event, has my creativity, my heart, my story, and the legacy of the women of my family woven into the details of your event. 

With Love, The Flower Girl 

meet the rest of the team


Katia | Designer

FUN FACT: She had successfully operated a thriving flower shop in Brazil for 13 years, and after a decade, she is now returning to pursue her greatest passion: flowers!

Tray | Lead Designer

FUN FACT: He began designing similarly to Sarah, using broken stems from the flower shop he and his grandma visited in his youth. His preferred flower is the French tulip.

Jenn | Assistant

FUN FACT: She favors plants over cut flowers and is unlikely to recognize specific flower names in a design. However, she excels at the behind-the-scenes efforts required to make an event thrive.