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- Menu of offerings -

We specialize in creating stunning floral arrangements tailored to our clients’ personalities and preferences. Our goal is to capture the essence of their distinctive, vibrant spirits through carefully curated blooms and unique design elements. We strive to evoke untamed beauty and passion in every arrangement we create.

We offer these service options to fulfill the wedding floral needs of our clients:

Custom Weddings:

Flower Girl Designs provides custom weddings throughout Florida, New York and worldwide.

One of the greatest professional accomplishments I have achieved was to watch my creativity come to life through the use of flowers as my art.  When a client says, “I want it to feel like I am dining beneath the olive trees in Tuscany,” but we are in a grand ballroom this is where my imagination and my creativity take flight.  In the near decade of creativity that I have exercised, I have worked collaboratively with metal artists, wood workers, floral farmers, and more to bring each clients’ unique vision to life. And that is my pride and joy!  To step back and watch a couple walk into their reception for the first time and see their words come to life through my artistic design, and my teams’ commitment to deliver perfection. 

Custom Weddings have the luxury of a comprehensive design including hand selected blooms, custom floral installations, structures created specifically for your vision, and an onsite design team for the day of the wedding. 

Sandra Jean Floral Design Collection:

In honor of the woman who taught me all I know I present to you the Sandra Jean Floral Design Collection.  In my mother’s namesake this collection provides the Flower Girl Designs experience at a more accessible price point and honors the woman who made me into the designer I am today!

This curated collection is perfect for you to select the floral designs you wish to have whether for a cocktail reception, a baby or bridal shower, or even a more intimate wedding gathering.  Here you will find beautiful bouquets, personal floral accessories, and arrangements that are perfectly crafted with the elegance of timeless floral blooms or splendid seasonal flowers by the Flower Girl Designs’ team.

Testimonials from our clients

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you and thank you for the spectacular job you did for Anushil’s and I’s wedding. We have been getting compliment after compliment on our decor. I must say to myself, it truly was a dream come to life! The colors mixed in with the greenery was EVERYTHING! You are a true master at what you do. I will forever cherish the photos!

Abbigail, Bride

My husband and I still cannot get over how incredible Sarah’s work was. It really added
the elegant and luxurious feel we were going for. The florals at our wedding were an
absolute masterpiece and even more beautiful than we ever could have imagined, and
we will be reminiscing on our special day for years to come.

– Jillian, Bride

The Experience

Our process:

Initial communication: A brief phone conversation as a get to know you and learn about the vision you have for your wedding.  This conversation allows us to prepare for your design consultation. 

Design consultation:  This meeting will take place in person or on Zoom and will be where we discuss in detail the atmosphere you want to create for your celebration. The key to our success in this meeting is listening closely to your desires as we turn your precious moments into unforgettable designs that will last a lifetime!

Presentation of proposal: Following your design consultation a personalized proposal will be created for your event.  After all, we aren’t just providing flowers we are creating a unique one of a kind immersive experience for you and your guests.